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Utilising Social Media will help you drive way more customers into your business than ever before!


How We Grow Your Business

We Master Tools For the Web

Facebook / Instagram Ads

* Facebook / Instagram Ads will expose your company to more people than you ever thought possible. If they are done correctly, you’ll also be exposed to people who actually want to buy your product, which makes closing a sale even easier!

* Facebook / Instagram Ads are actually one of the cheapest ways to advertise in 2021. Not only can you show your ad to thousands of people for a low fee, but the ROI has been proven to be higher than any other form of advertising. There is a reason Adidas have switched the majority of their marketing budget to focus on Facebook / Instagram Ads

* Facebook Ads can be complex if you’re just getting started. Here’s a word of wisdom: NEVER BOOST YOUR POSTS – you’re literally flushing money away if you do that! If you work with a digital marketing specialist, they’ll help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to running and evaluating Facebook Ads!

Chatbot Mastery

* Chatbots sit inside of Facebook. They automatically answer customers questions – SAVING YOU A LOAD OF TIME. As well as auto-answering customers, chatbots subscribe all users to your list. You can use this list to broadcast messages like deals and special offers to help drive more business into your company.

Chatbots were created to allow businesses to use automatic, pre-programmed bots to speak to and gain information from their customers without using any resource.

Chatbots Keep You Present: Constantly being present and able to respond instantly to customers not only improves customer feeling, but also your response rate on your facebook page.

Google Ads

* Google Ads are another fantastic way to drive customers into your business for a low cost.

* Google Ads are one of the best tools for lead generation. If your campaigns are set up properly, it has the potential to send extremely targeted leads to your website, opt-in form or other online property

* With Google Ads You can easily customise campaigns to focus on specific types of online users. For example, you can target people by location, the type of device they’re using and the Google-owned website they’re accessing (e.g., Google search, Google Maps, YouTube).


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Leanne tancASter

Thank you thank you THANK YOU! We’ve never been busier! Amazing! Jamie you are the best! Thank you!

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Great communication, thank you for the new website. Ranking on Google now!!!

Michelle Smith

Great service, Facebook ads campaign has been brilliant. Will continue to use 100Media in future.

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