Ok, let’s jump in!

You put a lot of work and planning into creating your small business. You’ve raised money and developed a great product you know people will love. So what’s the next step? Your small business marketing plan!

And in 2020, that plan needs to include Instagram. That’s where we come in!

To give you inspiration for your own Instagram content, we’ve picked out 3 stellar small business marketing campaigns from the platform.

We’ll break them down and show you some tricks you can use for your own business, from making shoppable posts to taking your audience behind the scenes.

Instagram is a particularly powerful marketing platform. With its high engagement rates and over 1 billion users, Instagram is ideal for increasing reach and awareness.

But to get plenty of views and conversions, your content needs to show what makes your brand special so shoppers are motivated to engage with it.


1. Vitamin A: Make Content Shoppable


A key component of increasing conversions is making shopping as easy as possible for the consumer. Shoppable posts do just that. They reduce the time and effort needed to go from seeing a product to buying it.

Vitamin A Swimwear for example, uses shoppable Instagram ads. When someone taps their promotion’s tags, which shows product names and prices, they are taken directly to Vitamin A’s product pages.

Vitamin A Instagram ad

Vitamin A Instagram ad

Small business marketing bonus tip:

Make Story posts shoppable by adding product stickers. You can add one sticker per Story post, and it will link back to your product catalog just like a tagged product in a feed post.


2. OLIPOP: Talk to Real People


Small businesses have to work hard to build shoppers’ trust because many haven’t heard of the businesses’ brands. To attract customers, marketing should be designed around social proof — the psychological phenomenon in which people are more likely to try a product or service because they see other people trying and enjoying it.

OLIPOP, a health drink business, taps into social proof by featuring people trying the product for the first time and loving it.

Seeing other people try and enjoy OLIPOP, shoppers who are new to the brand are more likely to try it themselves.

Small business marketing bonus tip:

Build credibility through social proof by sharing user-generated content (with the creator’s permission, of course). Search through your branded hashtag, or through hashtags related to your industry, and look for posts of people using and enjoying your product.


3. Nothing New: Share Your Passion


Make your mission clear and you’re likely to connect with customers who align with your values. In fact, an Edelman survey found that 61% of respondents will recommend a brand that shares their ideals.

Shoe company Nothing New uses Instagram to highlight its goal of sustainability and show how its product is part of that objective. The caption offers specific evidence proving that the featured shoe follows the company’s mission, such as the fact that the product is made of 100% postconsumer plastics.


Nothing New Instagram ad

Nothing New Instagram ad

Small business marketing bonus tip:

Tie your mission to product quality in your marketing. People won’t buy your product based on the mission alone; they alsocare about how the product functions. Nothing New uses captions to emphasize its dual commitment to sustainability and aesthetics, using phrases like “sustainability with style.”

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