Imagine Chatting To Your Customers, Gaining MASSIVE Information From Them And Answering Their Questions…

…Without Actually Doing Anything!


Chatbots – Growing Your Business The Right Way

Problem #1 – You’ve Never Heard Of Them

Chatbots were created to allow businesses to use automatic, pre-programmed bots to speak to and gain information from their customers without using any resource.

Problem #2 – You Don’t Know How They Work

Chatbots sit inside of Facebook. They automatically answer customers questions – SAVING YOU TONS OF TIME. As well as auto-answering customers, chatbots subscribe all users to your list. You can use this list to broadcast messages like deals and special offers to help drive more business into your company.

Problem #3 – You Don’t Know How They’ll Benefit You

Chatbots Keep You Present: Constantly being present and able to respond instantly to customers not only improves customer feeling, but also your response rate on your facebook page.

Chatbot Broadcasts: You can send broadcasts to everyone on your messenger list. These broadcasts can be to prompt subscribers to enter a contest or to drive engagement on your page or website.

Chatbot Improved service: You can have a FAQ built into your bot, allowing customers to obtain information without you having to actually use resource on customers services responses. You can have links built in to direct and guide people to specific parts of your page or to drive custom contact to you directly. 

Problem #4 – You Don’t Have Time To Learn How To Use Them

Chatbots can be hard, but don’t worry – you don’t need to know how to use them. THAT’S WHAT WE’RE HERE FOR!

Problem #5 – You’re Worried They Won’t Work

Chatbots work – In fact, we’re so confident they will, we’re offering a free 21 day trial where you don’t have to pay us anything. We’ll take care of everyting.

What If You Don’t Use Chatbots

Failure To Utilise Such A Powerful Business Growth Tool Would Be A Major Business Failing

Issue #1
If you don’t respond to your customers quickly, EVERY TIME on Facebook Messenger, you customer service failings will be posted on your page. Deterring customers from even contacting you in the first place. 

Issue #2
If any of your competitors decide to utilise Chatbots 
they will begin to run rings around you online and you’ll have to work 10x as hard just to catch up

Issue #3
You are stealing potential value from your business. Your business is worth more if it has a strong social media presence and growth tools like chatbots. If you did ever wish to sell your business, or invite investment, you’re proposition would be much more valuable with built in Chatbots

Issue #4
You’re making it hard for customers to buy from you. Business is hard enough, there is no benefit to hiding from customers online. 

How It Works

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