All The Benefits Of A Hypertargeted Facebook Ad Campaign, Without Any Of The Work

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Facebook Ads – The Solution To Your Problems

Problem #1 – You Simply Want More Customers

Facebook Ads will expose your company to more people than you ever thought possible. If they are done correctly, you’ll also be exposed to people who actually want to buy your product, which makes closing a sale even easier!

Problem #2 – You Don’t Know How They Work

Facebook Ads can be complex if you’re just getting started. Here’s a word of wisdom: NEVER BOOST YOUR POSTS – you’re literally slushing money away if you do that! If you work with a digital marketing specialist, they’ll help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to running and evaluating Facebook Ads!

Problem #3 – Facebook Ads Are Expensive

Facebook Ads are actually one of the cheapest ways to advertise in 2019. Not only can you show your ad to thousands of people for a low fee, but the ROI has been proven to be higher than any other form of advertising. There is a reason Adidas have switched the majority of their marketing budget to focus on Facebook Ads

Problem #4 – You Don’t Have Time To Learn How To Use Facebook Ads

You don’t need to, just hire 100 Media UK – we will be the cheapest eomployee on your payroll and the most valuable by far!

Problem #5 – You’re Worried They Won’t Work

Facebook Ads will work. In fact, we’re so confident they will, we’re offering a free 21 day trial where you don’t have to pay us anything. We’ll take care of everyting and the only thing you have to pay for is the ad spend to Facebook which can be as low or as high as you want!

What If You Don’t Use Facebook Ads

Failure To Utilise Such A Powerful Advertising Tool Would Be A Major Business Failing

Issue #1
You are missing out on using an advertising platform with the highest ROI in the world

Issue #2
If any of your competitors decide to utilise Facebook Ads
they’re tapping into revenue potential that you are freely ignoring. Essentially you’re taking food off your plate and giving it to them

Issue #3
You are stealing potential value from your business. Your business is worth more if it has a strong social media presence. If you are ever wishing to sell or borrow against your business, your socil media presence will be factored in

Issue #4
You’re making it hard for customers to find and buy from you. Business is hard enough, there is no benefit to hiding from customers online. 

How It Works

What’s Included With Our Facebook Ads Package

The Facebook Ad’s And Targeting…

(£1,499 value)

+ Great Looking, Attention Getting Facebook Ads So You Get Action and Traction

+ ‘Click Worthy Break A Habit Over Offer’ So Your Clicks Turn Into Customers

+ A/B testing So You Know What Ad Performs Best In Your Area

+ Research Ad And Survey So You Know Your Customers Needs, Wants, Fears, and Goals

+ Age & Gender Split Testing That Avoids Wasting Pounds on Unwanted Audiences

The Landing Page and Thank You Page…

(£1,299 value)

+ Great Looking Mobile Friendly Landing page So Your Traffic Converts

+ Call Tracking So You Know How Your Office Responds To Calls

+ Great Looking Thank You Page With Contact Info and Map of Your Location

+ Thank You Offer So Potential Customers Take Action and Call You

+ Hosting On Our Servers So You Don’t Have To Call Your Web Guy/Girl

+ Retargeting So Forgetful Customers See Your Ad Across the Internet

Notifications, and Review…

(£599 value)

+ Leads Name, Number, and Email So You Grow Your List of Potential Customers

+ Texts with Lead Info Sent To Your Phone So You Can Take Action Fast

+ Spreadsheet Of All Leads, Names, Numbers, and Emails For Follow Up

+ End Of Month Review To Keep Everyone Honest

The Strategy And Support…

(£999 value)

+ Dedicated BiMonthly Strategy Sessions To Turn Your Ideas Into Action

+ Phone, Text, and Email Support So You’re Never Left Out In The Cold

+ Phone/Face To Face Video Script So You Know Exactly What To Say To The Leads At Exactly the Right Time

+ Dedicated Account Rep So You Don’t Get Bounced Between Departments

+1 Proactive Updates So New Features Get Rolled Out Automatically

Complete Package Value = £4396

Temporary Discounted Price Only £1079 £859

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