Facebook Ads Management Package (FREE 21 Day Trial)


A 21 day trial of 100 Media Uk’s gold Facebook Ad management service.

This trial is no obligation and we do not require any payment to be made to us.



This is a 21 day, no obligation trial. After 21 days you can cancel our service or you can sign up and continue to receive the following:

The Facebook Ad’s And Targeting…

(£1,499 value)

+ Great Looking, Attention Getting Facebook Ads So You Get Action and Traction

+ ‘Click Worthy Break A Habit Over Offer’ So Your Clicks Turn Into Customers

+ A/B testing So You Know What Ad Performs Best In Your Area

+ Research Ad And Survey So You Know Your Customers Needs, Wants, Fears, and Goals

+ Age & Gender Split Testing That Avoids Wasting Pounds on Unwanted Audiences

The Landing Page and Thank You Page…

(£1,299 value)

+ Great Looking Mobile Friendly Landing page So Your Traffic Converts

+ Call Tracking So You Know How Your Office Responds To Calls

+ Great Looking Thank You Page With Contact Info and Map of Your Location

+ Thank You Offer So Potential Customers Take Action and Call You

+ Hosting On Our Servers So You Don’t Have To Call Your Web Guy/Girl

+ Retargeting So Forgetful Customers See Your Ad Across the Internet

Notifications, and Review…

(£599 value)

+ Leads Name, Number, and Email So You Grow Your List of Potential Customers

+ Texts with Lead Info Sent To Your Phone So You Can Take Action Fast

+ Spreadsheet Of All Leads, Names, Numbers, and Emails For Follow Up

+ End Of Month Review To Keep Everyone Honest


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