Social Media Strategy – Should you use Instagram for your business?

You’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, you understand how important a strong Social Media Strategy is for business growth. At present however, you’re struggling to see why you should use Instagram as part of your digital marketing strategy. Instagram is for selfies and pictures of your food right? Wrong! There are many reasons to use Instagram for your business, here are my top 5:


Social Media Strategy: Hundreds of Millions of Users!

There are currently 825 million users of Instagram. 825 MILLION!
70% of these users are daily users. The potential audience for your brand is huge!
If you don’t believe me, head to your nearest Starbuck’s and have a look around.
Nearly everyone in there is on a mobile device, take a peak over their shoulders… the likelihood is, they’re on Instagram.


Social Media Strategy: Stories! Relate to your customers!

Since Instagram took the “stories” idea from Snapchat and perfected it, the ability for businesses to bond with customers has increased exponentially.
Show behind the scenes footage of how you’re working, quick interviews with staff or partners, Q&A sessions live with your customers. You can even save your best “off the cuff” moments to a highlight reel that will display on your profile page for as long as you wish.


Social Media Strategy from Web Design Company, SEO Services


Social Media Strategy: Easy Marketing

Hashtags aren’t just for Twitter. Supplement a post with the right hashtags and you can easily drive more traffic into your page. General Hashtags like “positivity” and “life” are great ways of bringing happy, grateful people into your Instagram world. If you then add in specific tags related to your product or service, you can very easily attract new sales enquiries with very little effort.


Social Media Strategy: Partnerships

No man/woman is an island! Form great partnerships on Instagram.
Once you’ve grown your Instagram followers to a respectable level for your digital space, you can start reaching out to influencers online. Creating a symbiotic business relationship with Instagram users from another town or country has never been as easy. Once you’ve reached out to an influencer you respect, you can offer to pay them to advertise your product to their followers.

An alternative to paying them, you could send them your product for free if they agree to mention it on their story.
Alternatively, you could each advertise the other person’s product or service to your followers which is an excellent way of expanding your brands reach with little investment.


Social Media Strategy: All Kinds & Sizes of Businesses Are Welcome

Don’t subscribe to the limited belief that only models or major brands are using Instagram. You also don’t have to be a tech company or provide a digital service. Businesses of all kinds and businesses or all sizes are thriving on Instagram in 2018/2019. From local garages to convenience stores, more and more businesses of all sizes are realising the fantastic potential of Instagram to further the expansion of their company. Posting regularly with great content at the right times is a great way of encouraging growth.


Social Media Strategy from Web Design Company, SEO Services


If you’re still unsure of how you would grow your business on Instagram or would like to discuss this further, please contact us to see what we can do for you. We offer a large range of social media management packages that can take the stress out of digital marketing.


Key Takeaways – Social Media Strategy:

  1. Food is great, but there’s more to Instagram than photos of burgers – it should be part of your Social Media Strategy
  2. The potential for exposure on Instagram is huge
  3. Even if your product or service isn’t “digital”, Instagram can help you grow your business.
  4. can manage your social media for you.

That’s it for today, take care and keep crushing it!