We all know that Social Media Management needs to play a big part in your marketing campaign!

It should be a huge part of your toolkit, especially if you want to grow your business online.

Did you know, only 54% of UK small business owners are confident their online presence is reaping the rewards it should be?

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If you believe in its value or not, you should be making sure you have your main social media channels covered.

Social Media is an integral part of building your companies (or your own) brand online. According to research from “The Drum.co.uk”, over 84% of small businesses reported struggling with challenges when attempting to market their brand on Social Media.

But Social Media Management Is Easy… Right?

It’s actually not as simple as it seems. I’m talking from experience here, it’s taken me many years to get to grips with it. There’s a lot of detailing lying behind the use of social media. You need several pieces of software to ensure you’re doing the right things… at the right times. There are nuances between

What’s Your Goal For Your Social Media Management Campaign?

Brand recognition?

Marketing a specific service?

Pushing your content?

Conveying a specific message or messages?

It might be all four and there might be some extra goals I’ve not covered. Either way, Social Media can help with all of these goals… and any other marketing goals you may have, such as driving more people to buying pages on your website.

If you want to make it work, you’re going to have to put some serious time behind your Social Media strategy.

Social Media isn’t a “get rich quick”  scheme.

It can take a while for a brand to be built online. You may have to use offer codes, free giveaways and even memes.

It’s a full-time job in itself, especially if you want it done right. So here are four reasons you may consider outsourcing your work to a specialist in the UK (Or wherever your company is based)


As this is essentially a full-time job, doing this work yourself or delegating it to a member of staff who doesn’t specialise in digital marketing can detract from you (or your staff) working to max capacity on the things you specialise in.

Outsourcing this work can instantly reduce the pressure and alleviate the stress of having to look after all the relevant maintenance that comes with a social media campaign.


An average social media manager will cost you £30k/year, a great one will cost you nearer to £40k/year. It’s no surprise that more and more companies are outsourcing this work to UK freelancers.

Outsourcing this work allows a company to pay much less for the same expertise needed to run a strong social media campaign.


And by skills I don’t just mean people with knowledge, I’m also taking about software, resources and contacts. All three of these are vital parts of a business and a social media campaign

Also the software can be expensive, so that’s another expense you’re saving on by outsourcing this work to a freelancer.

In regards to actual expertise utilised by a social media manager. Help from outside will ensure all of your posts are created in a way to deliver the most impact possible. This includes the right timing of the posts, the right hashtags, the right images etc.


Maybe you just don’t have anyone in house who even likes managing social media.

When it comes to social media for business, it’s a craft not a hobby. It’s an art, not a game! Much like other aspects of digital marketing, such as SEO or Facebook Ads, it’s serious business.

For social media to work for your business, you need to be posting good content regularly. You need to be posting it at the right time and crafting those posts the right way.

For maximum rewards from this medium, you need an expert. This can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Hire someone in house – it’s expensive and they become another one of your responsibilities.
  2. Outsource (or “right-source”) your work to a free-lancing expert, like us for example.

Whatever you choose to do, we would like to wish you the best of luck with your social media management in future.

If you ever need any help, just contact us for a chat.