You hear a lot about advertising on Facebook and it has been around for a long time so you’re probably thinking, “should I even bother in 2020”.

The answer, is a resounding YES!

And here’s why!


1. Go Where The Viewers Are!

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? You check Facebook right? Or your favourite social media platform. Well that’s what your audience is doing too.

Those potential buyers are out there, a few clicks away from getting to know you. You need to reach them and be found. You’ve lots of different options for doing this, the traditional ones are all very expensive. Anyone who has tried PR knows it also ain’t cheap, and doesn’t always bring home the bacon.  So why should social be free?  It brings a smile to my face because it’s a little dystopian early days thinking that believes all this amazing reach should be there at your fingertips for zero spend.

It may be a slight exaggeration, but for many it is the case that organic reach is extremely restricted. Reaching 1-2% of your Facebook fans is considered an achievement. Let that little nugget sink in. Now you’ve got to pay to play.

The sad truth is that most platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter have hoards of businesses vying for attention with limited space to spare. So if you want in, you’ve got to stump up a few dollars.

But it’s just that. You can achieve great results on a budget that would make an ad agency or PR person faint!

2. Boost Sales And Brand Awareness

Why does anyone advertise? To grow your business and pad your wallet. And with social media, it is so easy. 70% of B2C marketers have acquired customers through Facebook,, and that only has the potential to grow.

Facebook advertising can be done on a budget, and with a little bit of tweaking and the right approach to targeting, you can increase brand awareness and convert lurkers into buyers with a few quips and catchy visuals.

SME business owners now have the opportunity to reach huge audiences based on psychographics and demographics that would have been unheard of just a mere decade ago.  So rather than complaining about Facebook ads, why not relish in the amazing opportunities they provide in growing your business!


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3.Targeting Options Are Endless

You want to target empty nesters from Wisconsin who are dog lovers? You got it. What about the 24 year old male who loves Marvel but hates DC? Sure thing. What about the hipster who only drinks kale smoothies and enjoys knitting? Just load the gun and shoot. I bet you could even find Wally.

Social media platforms gather so much information about their users. Yes yes, that is a fact! They can offer targeting opportunities from broad information such as age, gender and location to very detailed specifics such as favourite TV shows, food preferences, as well as pages liked. It may be creepy to some people, but for us marketers it’s a golden era, given the wide range of options we have at our fingertips.

It’s up to you to be really clear on your target audience. Once you’re clear on your audience, it’s relatively straightforward to reach them with the tools.

4. Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3…

Imagine a scenario where you’ve spent two thirds of your budget on a traditional marketing campaign – TV ads, radio ads, billboards, the works. And you get nothing from it. No new leads, no new traffic, nothing. Maybe it was promoted at the wrong time, maybe the message wasn’t clear – there’s plenty that could go wrong.

You would never ever have this problem with Facebook ads. Campaigns are cheap and easy to run – and you get full reporting. Set up your ads for minimum 3 days (the time it takes for the algorithm to do its thing) and you will either see results, or not. If not, you can tweak, change targeting, creative, etc.  But you would never run a big campaign and only discover at the end of it that it’s not working.

There are new targeting and objectives being offered almost weekly, so this is an exciting time to be promoting your business on social media.

Social media platforms are evolving constantly, and your marketing strategy needs to evolve with them. Getting the hang of social media advertising is just the tip of the iceberg. But master it and you’ll be unstoppable. Now you just have to figure out how…

Do You Need Help With Facebook Ads?

If so, get in touch. We are masters of Facebook ads. We get amazing results for clients. It’s not about page likes. Nor is it about engagement. As we enter 2020,  it’s about delivering leads for your business.  Want some?